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Our cat family, Buster and Boris, always appreciate the TLC they get from Julie when we are away. Even though they always try to stow away in our suitcases when we pack, they are contented kitties when we return. We really appreciate Julie’s full service approach–checking the house and bringing in the mail, garbage cans, etc. Julie is so reliable that we can relax when we are away, trusting our home and fur children to her care!

C. & A.,

Julie has taken care of my pets for many years. She is absolutely the best. Very responsible and your pet’s well-being is the utmost of importance to her and her associates. Highly recommend.

J. & A.,

Julie has done a great job of taking care of ALL our animals. In addition to our dogs, birds and rabbit we have a lizard, three salt water reef systems (aquariums with coral, live plants and invertebrate as well as the fish) and a freshwater aquarium. The reef systems are not very easy to take care of and we know not something that is very common. Julie follows the instructions we leave to the letter and never hesitates to ask if an issue comes up or if something is not clear. She shows the same level of care, competency and professionalism with our more unusual family members that she does with the more traditional ones.
Not only has Julie always taken great care of all our pets, she has gone the extra mile to take good care of us. One of our children is on a sports team and we often travel for competitions. Unfortunately most of the time we won’t know until just a couple of weeks ahead of time exactly when we will be gone. Julie has always been very understanding of our predicament and has gone out of her way to work with us to make sure our pets are well taken care of, her flexibility is amazing.
It’s not easy to balance a small menagerie, kids, jobs and life in general but Julie helps to make it just a little easier.

A. & J. and 'the gang',

Julie’s Pet Care has been taking excellent care of my pets for about 10 years. Even though I still miss them when I’m gone, I know they are safe and well cared for when Julie’s Pet Care is on the job.

V. C.,

We met Julie about 5 years ago when we moved to Santa Rosa. She provided care for my two dogs, George and Fezzik, on overnight visits and when I had long days away from home. Having Julie care for my dogs at our house gave me such a sense of security; evidence that they were well taken care of was their ego-crushing lack of excitement at seeing me when I returned home. There was no trauma and no drama in my leaving or returning, because the dogs were in their familiar home, cared for by a person who must have treated them as her own.
It’s been more than a year since George passed away and Fezzik is quite an old man. In George’s final months, Julie didn’t shy away from her increasing needs for care. Julie professionally and humanely coped with George’s lack of mobility, incontinence and other medical issues. I wouldn’t have trusted George’s care to any other person outside of my family and was so grateful for all Julie’s kindness during that time. Now I continue to turn to her and know I can rely on her to do the same for Fezzik as he needs it.
I can’t recommend Julie’s Pet Care highly enough… as long as you don’t reserve overnight visits when I need them!

J. M.,

I am very happy with Julie’s pet sitting service. She is someone I trust completely with my “little furry soul mate” and my home. I called and looked into several others before I met someone who recommended her. Like most people I love my pet and worry when I travel as to how she is doing, not just her safety but her emotional health as well. Latte is a very shy cat. She runs and hides when people come to visit. She was feral and very slow to learn to trust people. I was concerned that someone would just leave food and water and not try and connect with her. Julie was excellent with her, got her to play and most importantly, feel safe with another person. She kept in touch with me and let me know how the “love of my life” was doing and I had a wonderful stress free vacation not worrying about the cat or my home. In my opinion you could not find a better person to care for your beloved pets and your home.

P. K.,

I have known Julie Branscomb for many years and she has always been ultra-reliable, prompt in calling back, always tries to fit me in and most of all, great with my two dogs and cat. She really goes to the limit in trying to accommodate her clients, putting them over her own needs.
She is a hard worker and I know when we are away that my animals and home will be in great shape when we return. It gives us peace of mind when we have to leave to know that our critters are not stressing.

A. & E.,

We have used Julie’s Pet Care for several years as our primary caretaker for our animals when we are out of town. Our menagerie has included dogs, cats, sheep and a desert tortoise—sometimes requiring Julie to poke around under plants to find the tortoise each day and always requiring her to be up for non-stop ball throwing. When Julie is caring for our pets and watching our home, we travel without worry. She is very professional, very reliable, and our pets are always calm and happy when we return. We highly recommend Julie’s Pet Care!

D. & D.,

We have been fortunate to have Julie’s Pet Care take care of our babies, two Maltese, Jake and Suki, and a Japanese Chin, Noah. She is reliable, dependable, and gives our babies the tender loving care they require. Often my work schedule is unpredictable and she has provided services at the last minute to accommodate my schedule.
She is attentive and cares for the dogs. On several occasions, she had noticed health issues that I unfortunately did not notice. She noticed that one of Jake’s eyes was tearing excessively. Thanks to her observation, Jake was able to get prompt treatment for a corneal abrasion. She noticed Suki limping one day. Again, thanks to her, Suki was able to get an infected toenail removed promptly. She knows how to recognize when a dog is sick. She takes care of your pet family as if it is her family.

J. & N.,

Julie is responsible and caring, and always has our pets’ best interests as her first priority. We would enthusiastically recommend her to any North Bay residents who demand only the best of care for their animal friends.

Tim B,