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Julie and Walter are great! We added a puppy to our family of two other dogs and needed someone to come by during the day to let the puppy out of her kennel and play with the other dogs who normally had indoor/outdoor access. I felt comfortable leaving for the day and knowing Walter would take good care of the four legged “kids” while I was gone. He always left a note letting me know how the visit went. There was an instance in which I was out of town and one of my dogs needed to be taken to the vet. No problem! Walter came by, picked up the dog, took her to the vet and all was good. Any time I have to go out of town and need someone to come by and walk the dogs, Walter would also do that, three at one time. Somehow they seemed to behave quite well with him.
Walter and Julie are incredibly wonderful people who really care about what they do. They are dependable, responsible and true animal lovers. I never once doubted their care of my four legged beings. They care about the animals as much as I do.

F. & L.,

We have complete trust and confidence in Julie’s Pet Care. We have 3 labs plus one cat and are Canine Companions for Independence puppy raisers and volunteers.

Julie’s Pet Care is the finest service we have known and we trust them without reservation in our home and with our animals.

B. & L.,

Over the last several years we have had Julie and Walt walk and watch our dog Foster. Foster is a “special needs” dog who doesn’t always get along with people. They have been wonderful with him and he enjoys both the walks and time they spend with him. In addition when we go away we can depend on them to take great care of Foster and our three cats. One of them is a feral rescue named Newt. He loves us and is like a dog in many ways. Unfortunately he is afraid of other people. Julie and Walt though have been able to get to know him and he loves his turkey treats they provide. We are very fortunate to have Julie and Walt around to take care of our very special family and would highly recommend them to anyone.

C. & S.,

Julie’s pet care service has worked out well for us for the past two years. We always come home after a trip to a happy cat, with a note from Julie and the mail brought in. We’re confident in her service and comfortable with her access to our house while we’re away. We would recommend her service to anyone.

B. & D.,

My husband and I have five grown children and we have always had the luxury of having them watch our dog, our cat and our house when we leave. This last weekend however, our son got married out of town and we would all be at the destination wedding for four days. What to do?? I actually found Julie on Google and I sent her an email to which she promptly replied. She sent me an informational packet, answered emails from me for several months and then came to our home to meet Murray (the beagle) and Diego (the tabby). Julie was very detailed with noting our every wish, need and instruction for the four legged children. We asked her to do a sleepover every night for three nights. Not only were we pleased but we were incredibly impressed with all that she did (above and beyond) while she was here. We arrived home late this afternoon to find a note of how everything went and she asked that I call her when we arrived home just in case we ran late with traffic and the furry ones would be hungry. Julie, I cannot thank you enough.

K. C.,

Over three years ago, we moved from Chicago to Sebastopol with our three “kids” – two cats, Chimi and Changa, and a large Lab/Shepherd mix dog named, Chewey. Shortly there after we contacted Julie, of Julie’s Pet Care, to establish a pet-sitting program.
While in the middle of a one-year relocation, we traveled back and forth to Chicago and relied heavily on Julie and Walt to house and pet sit.
After finishing the move from Chicago, our dog, Chewey, began showing signs of cancer. She soon lost her sight and required close attention and care. Both of us travel extensively and, with Chewey’s deteriorating health we really required a reliable, honest, responsible and caring pet-sitting service.
Julie and Walt stepped up to the plate. (Julie is a big SF Giants’ fan.) Not only did they spend time at the house on overnight visits, but they would make certain they visited Chewey every three to four hours to aid in her discomfort. And while compassionately caring for our dog, Julie and Walt gave Chimi and Changa all the loving care they needed as well.
Chewey has since reached Rainbow Heaven, while Chimi and Changa greet us daily. Julie and Walt are our first call when we are considering a trip or a weekend away somewhere. Before we make our travel plans, we check with Julie to see if she is available.
Julie and Walt are responsive by voicemail or e-mail. They receive and return calls promptly. They follow instructions, directions and leave thorough notes (and owner treats) at the end of a stay.
We have enlisted many pet sitters over the last 13 years, but another cannot stand up to the compassion and reliability as Julie and Walt of Julie’s Pet Care.
Would we recommend them to you? Yes, but only if we get first ‘dibs’ on dates!

T. & K.,

Julie has made our travels uncomplicated. We call, give the dates, she checks that all information on the animals is current, she confirms back just before we travel and we go. We don’t have to think about the animals (5 dogs, 1 cat and a multitude of hummingbirds) and we don’t have to worry.
If there is a problem, she calls us. If there is an emergency, she would use her common sense and do what she would do for her own animals. In other words, we can really vacation with no worries. When was the last time you could say that about anyone’s work??? When we return the animals are glad to see us, but they are not needy because Julie has played with them, loved them and cared for them.

V. & B.,

My wife and I are very pleased with Julie’s Pet Care and can highly recommend her to others. She is dependable, thoughtful, diligent and takes her duties very seriously. We can count on her to take good care of our goats, chickens and cats.

B. & C.,

Julie and Walt have cared for the two cats (KC and Dusty) on several occasions. Julie and Walt can be depended upon for extended or short trips, as well as, proper feeding, watering inside and outside plants and yard, bringing in the mail and newspaper, putting the weekly disposal containers on the curb for pick-up, (delivering flowers to the neighbors) and any other reasonable task that you may request.

D. & B.,

Julie Branscomb and Walt Bridwell of Julie’s Pet Care have been assisting us regularly for over a year now and we only become more pleased with their services as time goes on.
Last year (Fall ’03), one of our children was diagnosed with an illness that caused our family to travel back and forth to UC San Francisco and other further destinations on a regular basis. Our beloved family dog, Rex, a 90 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, who had been used to being taken for a walk at least once a day, was suddenly not getting the fresh air and exercise a dog needs to stay healthy.
We were referred to Julie’s Pet Care by our trusted veterinarian, Dr. Cynthia York of Larkfield Veterinary and from the moment Julie and Walt came to meet Rex and ourselves they’ve been invaluable to our family. Though our usual schedule is for Julie or Walt to walk Rex twice a week, and I try to be courteous and give as much notice as possible, circumstances sometimes require me to call on short notice. Whenever this happens, both Julie and Walt do their best to come to our aid, and we’ve never had a situation where they didn’t do their absolute best to accommodate us. Though we’ve not needed this service, I would certainly trust either of them to stay in our home should the need arise.
I’ve referred Julie’s Pet Care to many of our friends and will continue to do so in the future. Julie and Walt provide an important service to our family; assisting with the health and well-being of our much loved dog, while always being both professional and extremely pleasant to work with.

R. M.,