Please browse and enjoy our extensive guide to many pet-related services and organizations listed below.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we have spent considerable time compiling this information, and we hope that it will serve as a valuable tool to help you locate the help you need to provide an optimal quality of life for you and your devoted companion for years to come!

  • Canine Behavior Associates
    Established by Trish King, the Canine Behavior Academy at the Marin Humane Society offers courses for new or interested trainers, which cover dog handling, evaluating, learning theory, training techniques and solving problems, as well as teaching people. There are also workshops and seminars on behavior, canine management, temperament assessment, and handling difficult dogs.

  • Dog Training Central
    A leading dog training portal containing articles on various dog training methods, a dog training discussion forum, as well as dog training instructional videos.

  • Fit-N-Furry Dog and Puppy Training
    Offers different levels of positive and proven training programs tailored for your dog’s needs.

  • PetSmart
    PetSmart accredited trainers can help you achieve positive, consistent behaviors from your pet.

  • Sonoma County Humane Society Dog Training Classes
    Offers group and private lessons for various levels of dogs or puppies. Their philosophy involves using rewards and positive reinforcement to provide a happy, healthy and safe environment for you and your canine companion.

  • Amstaff Spiked Dog Collars
    Wide choice of leather and nylon spiked dog collars, hand painted leather muzzles, chain leads and other high-quality products.

  • Belgian Malinois Professional Dog Training Supplies
    This web store has all the dog training equipment you need for your active and strong Malinois: harnesses, muzzles, collars, leashes, pull tabs etc. Everything is top quality and safe, with emphasis given to satisfy the needs of their clients and their four-legged friends.

  • Bite suits / Trainer’s clothing for effective German Shepherd training
    Soft genuine leather collars, all-weather nylon harnesses and durable toys.

  • Black Russian Terrier Dog Designer Training Products
    Best choice of dog training equipment made of high value leather and nylon fabrics that are equipped with quality and reliable fittings.

  • Bullmastiff Dog Training Goods
    Affordable high quality dog training supplies for Bullmastiff dogs. Offering harnesses, handcrafted muzzles, collars, leashes and other dog products that will underline the magnificent look of your dog and will make your walking and training comfortable and safe.

  • Cane Corso nylon harnesses for everyday use
    Super soft and strong leather dog collars, bite sleeves, and tugs.

  • Dalmatian Dog Training Store Online
    Offers top quality dog training supplies such as leather and nylon tracking, pulling harnesses, muzzles for safe traveling in public places, collars, long and short leashes etc.

  • Doberman Dog Supplies
    Professional dog training products for your true four-legged friend: weather nylon harnesses, well ventilated muzzles, cool designer collars, bite suits etc.

  • Dog Harnesses
    A specialized web store offering various models, sizes and colors of dog harnesses–Handcrafted products, safe and durable materials, and custom made items.

  • Dog Leashes for any Activity
    An online leash store that offers various different models of quality dog leashes made by the qualified workers with love–With handcrafted items, durable and safe materials, reasonable prices, and fantastic design.

  • Dog Muzzles Internet Shop
    Dog muzzles for medium, large and extra large dog breeds: metal cage muzzles, leather dog muzzles, decorated with spikes and studs and many other models to your taste.

  • Dogue de Bordeaux Training Supplies
    Delightful designs and approved quality of leather and metal muzzles, training harnesses, dog collars, leads and other professional dog training supplies.

  • Easy walking dog harnesses of strong nylon and genuine leather
    Whether you have a small, large, or medium size breed, you will find a perfect fit harness for your dog.

  • English Bulldog Dog Training Items
    An online store that offers high quality, professional products at reasonable prices, including genuine leather harnesses, pull tabs, couplers, wire and leather muzzles etc.

  • Everything for Cane Corso Dog Training and Walking
    Cane Corso Dog Store offers all you will need for this breed that requires proper training and attention: harnesses of different designs and for different purposes, wire cage training muzzles, leashes and collars to any taste.

  • German Shepherd Dog Duty Supply Store
    Develop your German Shepherd skills with super quality training equipment at this site: tracking and pulling leather harnesses for active workout, durable muzzles, handcrafted collars and dog leads, all made for your comfort and safety.

  • Great Danes Buy Everything Here
    An online store that offers many types of training and dog walking gear for Great Danes; durable nylon and leather harnesses, safe and reliable muzzles, collars and leashes, dog toys and other dog supplies.

  • Great Dog Store for Rottweiler Dog Owners
    Offering everything for training for Rottweilers and everyday walking; leather harnesses with special padding to eliminate rubbing, adjustable muzzles, and many other supplies.

  • Great Dog Training Gear Online
    Offers a wide choice of quality and durable dog gear for proper dog training and comfortable everyday walking. Great range of leather dog harnesses, nylon harnesses with comfortable handles, adjustable leather and wire cage muzzles, designer collars and other training supplies, such as bite tags, bite sleeves etc.

  • Labrador Dog Gear
    An online store offering safe, quality dog leashes and many other products for Labradors.

  • Leather Rottweiler Muzzles for effective training
    You can choose among a great variety of dog muzzles for YOUR dog breed.

  • Leather English Bulldog collars of full grain genuine material
    Fantastic leather and nylon harnesses of classic design and with decorations, bite tugs and toys

  • Metal chain Boxer collars for efficient training
    High quality dog harnesses and leashes for daily walking and training.

  • Newfoundland Dog Training Supplies
    An online store offering dog supplies for the Newfoundland breed at reasonable prices: comfy and durable harnesses, handcrafted leather and wire muzzles, decorated collars and a wide range of leashes.

  • Pit Bull Dog Training Products
    Pit Bulls are strong and well-muscled dogs who are always ready to protect their masters and thus need to be properly equipped. Here you will find the best quality dog harnesses, metal and leather muzzles, decorated collars, leashes and other dog training equipment.

  • Proper Collars for Proper Dogs
    Offers a wide choice of models, sizes and colors of quality collars for different dog breeds and for different needs.

  • Safe walking natural leather Doberman muzzles
    Great looking dog collars with spikes and studs, rubber dog toys.

  • Schutzhund Supplies
    Heavy duty leather muzzles, studded collars, tracking and pulling harnesses as well as dog training supplies for Schutzhunds are found here.

  • Shar Pei Training Gear Shop
    A reliable dog training supply store for pulling harnesses, durable muzzles, decorated collars, dog leads and other approved Shar Pei dog products.

  • Siberian Husky Training Supplies Store
    High quality Siberian Husky dog supplies which will make your training safer and more pleasant: spacious dog muzzles, pulling harnesses, tracking leashes, bite tugs and toys etc.

  • Specialized American Bulldog Training Store
    An online store that offers great variety of dog training equipment and supplies for your American Bulldog; quality harnesses, collars, reliable muzzles, bite sleeves with replacement covers, and many other useful supplies for your beloved companion.

  • Strong bite sleeves and covers for Rottweiler training
    Reliable collars and leashes for training, leather harnesses for safe walking.

  • Strong Mastiff harnesses for everyday use
    Bite tugs and toys, reliable collars and leashes.

  • Training K9 dog harnesses
    Dog training collars and leashes, strong bite sleeves, and tugs.

  • Animal Transport
    Offers professional assistance in all areas of ground and air pet travel, cross-county and world-wide, including arranging proper-sized pet carriers, advisories on any vaccinations and health certificates needed, contacting airlines and reserving flights, arranging for pick-up and delivery for each destination, and more.

  • Car Safety Tips
    An informative and easy-to-follow web page offering useful tips for how to keep your dog safe and protected while driving.

  • Dog Friendly Travel
    Publishes world-wide pet travel guides for people with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Provides information on pet-friendly hotels, attractions, campgrounds, parks, patio dining, skiing, off-leash beaches, parks, and more.

  • Pet Friendly Travel
    Provides easy access to various pet-friendly accommodations in the U.S. and Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico, including hotels, vacation rentals bed and breakfast inns, cabins, campground and RV parks, cottages, lodges, and resorts and spas. You can also find pet-friendly restaurants, dog parks and dog-friendly attractions and activities.

  • Pet Friendly Travel Guide
    Another great resource that offers information for pet travel. As it is vital to know laws, guidelines, and safety rules for traveling with a pet, you have to tailor your itinerary to include your pet at every step of the way. If you’re considering taking a pet along on a vacation or are moving and need to transport your pets to your new residence, you’ll find lots of helpful information here.

    Gentle and compassionate website for pet lovers who are grieving the loss of a pet or an ill pet.

    Gentle and compassionate website for pet lovers who are grieving the loss of a pet or an ill pet.

  • Antal Products
    A full line of Pet Casket, Memorial Markers, and Keepsakes that give you comfort of knowing your pet has been cared for with dignity.

  • A Kinship With Animals
    Learn how to communicate clearly with animals and their optimum nutrition and health.

  • American Pet Products Manufacturers Association
    APPMA is the leading nonprofit trade association serving the interests of pet product manufacturers and importers.

  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
    The mission of the ASPCA is to provide effective means for prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.

  • Animal Chiropractic Care
    A professional membership group promoting animal chiropractic to professionals and the public. Members work together to expand and promote the knowledge and acceptance of animal chiropractic to their professions, the public and governments worldwide.

  • Animal Planet
    A fascinating and educational web site that lets you explore dog and cat breeds, wild animals and all types of pets. It has exclusive animal news, games, video clips, blogs, and info about your favorite TV shows.

  • Arden Moore
    Arden Moore is the founder of Four Legged Life, an online pet community dedicated to helping people laugh, love and learn about pets. She is a best-selling pet author, in-demand speaker, editor of Catnip, editor-at-large of Fido Friendly and an animal behavior consultant.

  • The Cat Therapist
    Carole Wilbourn, The Cat Therapist, understands cats’ underlying motivations and how to communicate with them.

  • Catnip
    A newsletter for caring cat owners.

  • Change
    A resource guide to help abandoned or neglected horses.

  • Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
    The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University is a leader in academic veterinary medicine situated within a world-class research university with recognized strengths in the physical and life sciences.

  • Dogster
    An award-winning on-line source for all things canine related, offering knowledge, laughs and trustworthy points of view, as well as fiercely held opinions, advice and wisdom for our four-legged friends.

  • Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants
    A helpful guide for pet owners who want to “pet-proof” their house against everyday house plants that may be harmful to them.

  • Holistic Veterinary Care
    A listing of holistic veterinary care services near you.

  • Little Big Cat
    A web site offering reliable information on holistic health, behavior, and nutrition for your cat.

  • Ma Snax Superior Dog Treats
    Premium handcrafted gourmet dog biscuits and treats baked fresh with the finest organic quality ingredients. They have a wide variety of flavors and shapes, including smaller training-sized treats, bake at home kits, gift tins, apparel, birthday cakes, and Christmas gingerbread houses made-to-order.

  • Pet Care TV Network
    A site that provides the veterinary profession with client education tools to improve client awareness of pet health needs and the role their veterinarian plays in the delivery of these services.

  • Pet First Aid & CPR Resource Guide
    A handy resource guide for pet first aid and CPR with helpful tips, offering several other related links.

  • Pet Food Institute
    The Pet Food Institute represents the manufacturers of 97% of all dog and cat food produced in the United States.

  • Pet Cost Calculator
    Handy guide to calculate various expenses involved with pet ownership.

  • Budget Friendly Guide to Caring For Your Pet
    Handy guide to calculate various expenses involved with pet ownership.

  • Pet Poison Helpline
    Pet Poison Helpline is a 24-hour animal poison control service available throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean for pet owners and veterinary professionals who require assistance with treating a potentially poisoned pet.

  • Pet Medication-Online Purchasing Tips
    Purchasing pet medication online can be a tricky matter—this site offers 8 great tips to help in your search for safe as well as affordable medication to keep your pet healthy and happy.

  • Pet Physical Therapy
    A web site with lots of helpful information on the many benefits and ways to use physical therapy on dogs, cats, and horses/large animals also.

  • Pet Procedures and Costs
    A thorough list of most common pet procedures done, along with the average costs for them.

  • Pets Unlimited
    A 24-hour Veterinary Center and Shelter and Adoption Center that helps save the lives of clients’ pets while generating critical funding to ensure the cats and dogs in their shelter are placed in healthy and loving homes.

  • Puppy Prodigies
    A program that provides early learning and intervention techniques that are the first steps to a puppy’s training journey. They focus on critical stages of development starting at birth by providing them with structured exercises and stimulation which helps prepare them for future roles as assistance dogs or great companion dogs.

  • Whole Dog Journal
    A monthly guide to natural dog care and training.